At GTI, we have experience installing sprinkler systems on any and all types of home lots. No matter how big or small, angled or square, we can design the most efficient system for your needs! In addition to sprinkler system installations for grass, we can also incorporate plant bed and garden drip systems into your overall install. We always design with the customer's needs in mind. And we offer a three year warranty on all new installs!



Our commercial systems are unparalleled in the industry. We have experience in numerous types of projects, from town homes and apartment complexes, to corporate headquarters and university campuses. Not to mention our extensive work on sports complexes, including softball and baseball diamonds, as well as football and soccer fields.



Excessive rainfall and low spots in your yard contribute to water problems requiring drainage systems.  By installing catch basins and in ground piping, GTI can direct the water away from foundations and away from low spots in the yard, creating useful dry areas.

Underground springs and severely wet areas can be dried out using the “French Drain” method of drainage by using a combination of gravel and piping specifically designed for your particular application.


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